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Senate rules do not require that a convicted member resign, and only a two-thirds vote, which would need the support of more than a dozen fellow Democrats, could force Menendez from office. The last sitting senator to be convicted of corruption at trial, Harrison Williams, also of New Jersey, refused to step down after a jury found him guilty in the “Abscam” scandal in 1981. Williams did resign, however, after it became clear the Senate was about to vote to expel him. Menendez’s trial is among the first high-profile cases to test a key U.S. Supreme Court decision last year that narrowed the grounds on which federal prosecutors can pursue bribery charges against elected officials. Menendez’s lawyers have urged U.S. District Judge William Walls to throw out the case based on that decision. But the judge has said he will not make a ruling until after prosecutors have presented their evidence at trial. In court papers, U.S. prosecutors have described a years-long bribery scheme between Menendez and Salomon Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist.

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Seafolly, Jets, Tigerlily: Australian beach brands prized by private equity

Having spent all morning by the pool, the group was summoned to the bar area for lunch. At which point, all of the men disappeared. One member of the group was London-based photographer Adam Brown. As his pals scurried away to change out of their too-tight or too-baggy swimwear into attire more appropriate for lunch, Brown noticed that the women had simply added a shirt, shawl or dress over their swimmers. The females were chic and effortlessly elegant from sunlounge to sundowner. The males, well, not so much. And so, with no design experience but a clear vision of his potential customer, he set about creating a high-end, tailored pair of quick-drying shorts for men to satisfy every resort dress code. Orlebar Brown , created two years later in 2007 with his then business partner Julia Simpson-Orlebar, was not only a new menswear brand. It spurred the growth of an apparel category known as beach-to-bar. With their side-fasteners and tailored cuts, Orlebar Brown’s swim shorts appealed immediately to style-savvy men happy to pay hundreds of dollars for swimmers that fit the image of the type of holiday that they would like to take – think St Tropez in its 1960s heyday.

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Tod's is the shoe company that Ferrari recommends

Every Gommino shoe has a hand-stitched vamp that takes an experienced worker 15 minutes to complete. In the prototyping area, an artisan is interpreting a sketch of a Gommino that is lower and longer than any real shoe, rather like an old brochure illustration of a sports car. The กระเป๋าสะพายข้างผู้หญิง object of the sketch is to capture the feel of what is required, rather than the exact dimensions. Using a design program on his computer, a wooden shoe buck, and squares of paper and leather, this man has to produce a prototype that can go into production in all sizes and three different fittings (Tod's makes slightly different shaped shoes for the Asian, American and European markets). There are as many as 40 components in a basic shoe, highlighting the complexity of the design job. Tod's has many designers who work on the group's footwear, accessories and clothing brands: Tod's, Hogan, Fay and Roger Vivier. There can also be 100 production steps, depending on how you count them. The factory runs a fascinating mix of hand-crafting and slightly mechanised production. There are no shoes on conveyer belts being clunked by industrial robots; most processes, from leather cutting to final packaging, involve intricate hand work.

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